To My Powerful Sisters

I see you my sister. Yes YOU!

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Friday October 20, 21, 22

You've put in the long hours, gone above and beyond to make a difference, sacrificed your time and energy; basically worked your butt off to achieve success in the business world, and still, somehow, managed to keep things together on the homefront. Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off.  

You have arrived. You earned the title, and have taken on more responsibilities. You're making good money and you love what you do...So why is it, with all of this success and achievement, you still find yourself asking this question: Why do I still feel unfulfilled; what's missing?

 Deep down, your soul is giving you a nudge that can't be ignored, and the real question is:

Are you ready to listen to your heart and experience a real shift?


  • How is it that I have achieved so much success at work, but at times I still feel empty, isolated or not good enough? What’s up with that?  
  • I’m rolling in like a boss at work, or at least that's the perception, but the truth is I don't always have it all together at work or in my personal life, and sometimes I kinda feel like I am losing it, which makes me to feel like a fraud or a phony.  
  • I’m totally living the people pleasing dream and I've got perfectionism on lock down! Although I feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed by juggling all of my responsibilities at work and home, I wouldn’t dare share these feelings, because I don’t want others to see me as incompetent, or worse, not like me.  
  • I know that I am a smart, badass leader, but I don’t always speak up and sometimes back down from my opinions when it feels uncomfortable.  
  • I am supposed to be large and in charge, and I have such a commitment to my team members, but I still feel anxious about coming up short with them.  
  • I’m really good at helping others identify and solve their own problems, but seem to struggle with taking care of my own needs, and sometimes feel like a broken record in my own life.  
  • It feels like I can never get everything done and I have unintentionally created “busy” as my identity.  
  • My intuition keeps tapping me on my shoulder with a message that there is a bigger purpose that I am here to do, something my soul is longing for, that is so beyond this busy work, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  

If so, you are not alone! There is a way out that might surprise you!

MY NAME IS WENDY LEE, the Founder & CEO of LeadHERship Revolution™, AND I SEE YOU!

I have been in your shoes and have experienced all of these things. At my last Company, I started as a Recruiter and worked my way all the way up to the Senior VP of Human Resources! Pretty awesome right? I had my sh!t together at work. I was taking care of things and making it happen. My management loved the results I got, and I was liked by my team and the employees as I always went above and beyond for them. 

Yet, I still had this nagging sense that I could be doing more or better or somehow different. I wanted to truly excel at what I did and although on the outside it all seemed great, on the inside I felt I was falling short. I was keeping busy with proving and doing and accomplishing but I wasn’t focused on the things that truly mattered to me.

I was out of balance.

Meanwhile, at home I found myself, once again, in another failed relationship. My marriage was completely unbalanced. I felt I was taking responsibility for handling everything, running almost entirely on my masculine energy. Love and connection was totally missing, and I could not figure out a way to fix it.  

I felt alone, resentful and exhausted.

I was searching for something. My soul, with its infinite wisdom, led me to transformational leaders, then led me to transformational retreats; and I began to reconnect to myself. 

My life would never be the same.

I began to tune into my heart and get out of my head. l began to make working on myself a priority, and started making the changes I needed in my personal life (including leaving my marriage). I was surprised by how my work and my home life began to change as I changed. I was able to show up in a different, new way; bringing my whole self to work. And as I began to do the work, the changes were noticeable to me and everyone around me. 

I was becoming the real, authentic ME!

HERE'S WHAT I LEARNED...and it might surprise you:

In all these areas of my life, that were totally out of balance, I was actually getting exactly what I was projecting and committed to! (And you are too!) You may want to read that sentence again! All of the challenges and feelings were merely reflecting back to me where I needed to grow, heal, or accept.  

The things I thought I most wanted in my life, the things I never had as a child, were a sense of love, safety and certainty and so I developed a coping mechanism of control. I attracted the perfect partner for me to be fully in control of our lives, and I impressed my management by how much I could take control of and accomplish. But it was at a great cost, to me, and those around me. Staying busy, keeping up walls, and ‘performing’ made me feel disconnected and alone.  

And the truth was, the thing I REALLY wanted even more than control was to be connected and seen for who I was - the playful, fun, smart, and tremendously loving girl inside, and to have that be enough. I couldn’t get that by hiding behind the walls I had built my entire life to protect me.  

The journey has been challenging at times; sometimes taking one step forward and two steps back. But I grew to understand in my heart that everything I experienced, was neither good nor bad, it simply was part of my healing journey. Over time, I have been able to shift the way I show up, and my whole world has changed tremendously.  

Once I was able to see what the answer was for me (you have your own unique answer as well), I was able to show up in the world in a whole new way!

By rediscovering ME, I was able to really create an environment of CONTAGIOUS INFLUENCE™ and I did this by learning how to drop into my F-Bomb

Not that F-Bomb, this one: 

Connecting to my FEMININE POWER gave me the gift of healing and connection and created a true sense of real FREEDOM that allowed me to rediscover my sense of playfulness and FUN in all aspects of my personal and work life.  

And now I’m on a mission to free others to do the same. I know it is possible for you, and I know the world is desperately craving for this kind of transformation.  


  • You will feel more balanced and aligned, because you will connect with your intuition and lead from your heart instead of your head.  
  • Interactions become easy rather than draining because you’re not trying to be who the other person wants you to be.  
  • You’ll operate from a place of ease and lightness, and inspire others by how much fun and joy you are expressing.  
  • Learn to let go of the need to have it all together and see how your newfound freedom creates deeper connections and greater commitment from others at work - they will step up and shine!  
  • What’s in your heart will become easy to express, and will be received by others - even your management!  
  • Your coworkers will feel so much more at ease because you are more present and less busy.  
  • Your conversations will be more meaningful and inspiring - you can address the things you truly care about influencing, rather than pushing papers.  
  • You’ll empower others rather than feeling you have to do it yourself. They will flourish and love you for it, because they are being trusted and you can actually work less.  
  • You’ll shift your relationships at home too as you become able to show up in partnership and full truth.  
  • You’ll understand deep down that you have a choice to live an abundant life - the kind you’ve heard people talk about - it can be yours!  

Your authentic self is enough! is completely possible to have all of this and more! You can tap into your feminine energy at work, in fact this type of leadership is being called for now more than ever. Bringing your heart, your vulnerability, and your true vitality to the workplace, is having amazing results for you, your team and the Company. It's a win-win!

You’ll be surprised by how profound your results can be. And not only will you see remarkably better results from yourself and your team tangibly, but the difference this will make in your life and the lives of your colleagues will literally blow you away. A new kind of leadHERship™ that brings a sense of balance to life and work. You will ask yourself can it really be this easy!


YOU are more than what you do! In my role as Senior VP of Human Resources I adopted a mantra: We put the HUMAN back in Human Resources! Because, sure, we happen to be coming together to create a result for our Company, but what if it is actually less about the work we DO and more about the interactions and connections we CREATE?  

I have come to understand that we are actually brought together, the exact right perfect team at any given time, for the collective personal growth of the individuals on the team. Connection and healing are the divine purpose of every interaction.

 In fact, I believe CONNECTION AND HEALING are the real purpose of our work. (Yes, even that one person who you think should probably get a different career…) We are here to free each other. But this is only possible when we heal ourselves.

This one shift can change everything for you. It’s the shift we’ll be making at my upcoming retreat:  

BE A CONTAGIOUS INFLUENCER™ How to Drop into your F-Bomb  

October 20, 21, 22

Over our 3 days together we’ll focus on three areas:  

Connect with your FEMININE POWER to create balance and alignment.  

  • Imagine what it might feel like to get out of your head and learn to lead from a heart-centered place. I Heart You!  
  • What would be available to you if you tapped into and relied on your intuition as a compass that drives your decisions and actions, instead of only operating from your masculine energy of doing and results. You Go Girl!  
  • What if being vulnerable really demonstrated your strength and courage and gives you and others the permission to be yourselves. The Big Reveal!  

Learn how healing and connection are the real paths to true FREEDOM. 

  • Learn how to show up as your authentic self without worrying about what others think about you. You Do You Girl!  
  • Make expressing feelings and emotions a norm in the workplace. You Feel Me!  
  • Learn to speak your truth even in uncomfortable situations. Truth Be Told!  

Discover how playfulness and FUN equal the true meaning of success.

  • Allow your workplace to operate from a sense of creativity vs. structure and processes. Go With the Flow!
  • Create a fun place to work, where you and your colleagues can experience a sense of playfulness; not always feeling the need to be so serious. Ease Up!

Fequently Asked Questions

What does the price of the retreat cover?

Your registration fee includes 3 days of workshops and activities, all meals. Dinners are NOT included, and neither is your travel to the resort or your room reservation. 

How do I register for a room at the resort?

Hang tight, all the info will be sent to you via email after you register! 

Do I have to stay at the retreat venue?

Yes! This is an immersive retreat, so staying in the same space as all the other participants is an important part of it. Also, we will be getting together to go out on excursions, so everyone staying at the same place will greatly simplify logistics. 

What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to email us at! We'll get back to you ASAP.

"Wendy taught me that no human can truly reach their full potential without the blessing of their own truth."  

“Wendy taught me that first, we must be honest with ourselves and that no human can truly reach their full potential without the blessing of their own truth. Her unmatched experience, and insight with all walks of life, allows her to offer a refreshing and positive perspective to almost any situation. I am truly grateful that Wendy came into my life, helped me understand the balance between who we are at work and who are are at home, and why those two really don’t have to be much different.” - Tamara Dunahoe, Galveston, TX

“Wendy has helped me see through my stories and provide advice that has helped me move forward in life."

“Wendy has helped me see through my stories and provide advice that has helped me move forward in life. Her warmth and willingness to share her own experiences has provided me with tools to help navigate some of my life challenges. She is someone that I trust and feel really lucky to have been able to work with her.” - Sandy Levin, Oklahoma City, OK

"She has not only changed my life for the better, but she has helped me to see how I can do the same for someone else."

“Let it be known that Wendy, a natural born leader, mentor and friend is a life changer. She has not only changed my life for the better, but she has helped me to see how I can do the same for someone else. Wendy leads with a genuine heart, mind and soul. She is empathetic towards others and can relate to anyone on the most sincere level. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me and for all of her knowledge she has given me. I only wish to continue to make her proud and pass on what she has given me, to help others. Because of her, I am a better me. Cheers to anyone who has the privilege of connecting with Wendy; you will soon know what I know.” - Amalia Maes, Houston, TX