Virtual Mini Retreat



Hustle, grind, badass, boss girl. This is how we define the meaning of success for women leaders today. High five ladies, we're killin it! 

And you better believe that this level of success was not handed to us. No ma’am. It was achieved with a lot of hard work and determination. 

It is in our nature to care and want to make a real difference, and we also really want to do a good job. So it's in our DNA to step up and get things done. Taking on extra assignments, long hours, juggling 10 things at once - please, that’s nothing new to us!’s taking a toll. 

Raise your hand if you feel, stressed, burned out, or overwhelmed! sited "workload" as the greatest factor of stress in business. You know it’s a big problem if there’s a dang website for it! 

My sister, your feelings of overwhelm are valid. 

Does this sound familiar...?

  • You take on work, even when your plate is full, and don’t speak up if you need help to get it all done
  • Your To Do List, looks more like a To Do Novel, and literally feels like a bottomless pit
  • You constantly think about, worry about, and even dream about work, well after business hours
  • If you are not working hard, or doing something extra, you feel guilty or bad about it, so uber busy is the only speed you've got
  • You don’t express your feelings of being overwhelmed with anyone because that might make you look bad, so you suffer in silence 

Sooo, in order to achieve success in business, we must endure stress and overwhelm to get there? Who made that a thing? 

I feel you 100 percent! I was this way too, until I atended a retreat where I was introduced to a concept that blew my mind and changed the course of my life.

What if I told you there was a way to have all the success you desire and not be so stressed out? Can you even imagine what that would feel like?

  • NOT to have to think 24/7 about all that you've got to get done and relax more
  • Reduce your workload and actually schedule some fun things for YOU
  • Lean more into our feminine energy to compliment the masculine achievement energy we've been used to operating in
  • Be more productive by doing less  

If you are nodding your head YES, then you are in the right place, and this is totally doable!

In this virtual mini retreat we will:

  • Discover how an awareness of our feminine and masculine energy is the first step to creating balance
  • Uncover how being vulnerable can work as a strength in business 
  • Reveal how getting support, and creating connection, is a sure fire way to create balance and reduce stress

And Here's What You Get:

  • A 90-minute LIVE online interactive workshop -- the next best thing to being at an in-person retreat! 
  • Acess to a Private Facebook group to discuss concepts, celebrate your a-has, and connect with like-minded women leaders! 

And there's a BONUS!!! 

You will have access to an exclusive, 5-part video series to help you go further in your exploration in the weeks after the virtual mini retreat.

Are you ready to step out and lead differently?

Join me for the Virtual Mini Retreat


Meet Wendy

Wendy Lee, influential speaker and transformational leadership coach, was a fresh voice in the world of HR. Having worked her way up from Recruiter to Senior Vice President, Wendy allowed her own personal transformation to influence the way she showed up as a leader in the business world.

No longer willing to task and prove and strive to achieve, she embraced a softer, more feminine approach, one that included hearing and sharing her heart and honoring her intuition. She found leading in this way to be way more effective, and much more fun. Surprisingly, the more vulnerable she got, the more connected people felt, and the more inspiring and effective they became. 

Wendy founded LeadHERship Revolution in 2018 to spread the message that you no longer need to check your heart at the door to be a strong leader, and that healing and transformation DO have a place in business. She teaches her Contagious Influence approach to women leaders of all ages and backgrounds around the globe who want to Lead Differently.