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Hustle HEALTHY Masterclass

3 Powerful Secrets to Hustle Healthy:

Reclaim Your Time & Restore Your Sanity

It's in our nature, as women, to care deeply and want to make a real difference in everything we do. We really want to do a good job, in our life and in our work, so it's an automatic YES to step up and to just do the damn things that need to get done. Taking on extra assignments, working long hours, taking care of the bulk of family matters and juggling a million things at once perfectly -- that's nothing new to us!'s probably taking a toll on our sanity and robbing us of quality time. Especially after the past few years where that responsibility was magnified a million percent. Oh, and by the way, the 24/7 hustle culture pace is neither sexy nor sustainable.

If this feels like you - know that you are not alone. I SEE YOU and want to personally invite you to join me in this interactive and eye-opening masterclass designed to support YOU!

If you're feeling the effects of constant stress, burned out, or overwhelm energy and would give anything to slow down and take a break from all the expectations and responsibilities, but don't know how or don't think you can't - I got you covered.

Let me show you how to reclaim your time & sanity and have all the success you desire without so much stress. And how putting yourself first is actually the best thing you can do for your career, your family, your relationships and most importantly YOU!!

Here Are the Details for The Masterclass

  • Where is it?
    The workshop will be held live on Zoom, so you can join from anywhere in the world. Come as you are and bring your beautiful smile to join us on camera!
  • Who's leading it?
    Presented and facilitated by Wendy Lee, CEO & Founder of LeadHERship Revolution. Certified transformation life coach, international speaker, best-selling author and recovering HR Corporate Executive at your service!
  • Why should I be there?
    YOU SISTER GIRL! If you're tired and worn out from all the giving at work and in your life, come discover how to Hustle Healthy in a way that honors your energy and prioritizes what's important to YOU. Get ready to bring sexy back - and the fun too!
  • What's it all about?
    Learn 3 secrets to get un-busy, stop the self-sabotaging, and have more meaningful connection while getting shit done and impacting the world, with less effort and stress.

Inspiring You to Lead Your Life on Your Terms

Wendy Lee was a total rockstar in the corporate arena. Having worked and sacrificed her way up the ladder to Senior Vice President of HR, it appeared to the outside world that she had it all. But inside she was keeping a secret.

Her self-worth was eroding away from the abuse of a narcissistic partner. Drowning in the aftermath of love-bombing, manipulation, gaslighting and discard tactics, she no recognized who she was, and her desperation forced her to seek help.

The crisis led her to a life coach, that helped her recognize generational trauma default patterns and supported her on her healing journey. Now armed with an understanding and awareness of survival mode patterns, she allowed her own personal transformation to influence the way she showed up as a leader in her life and her work.

No longer willing to task and prove to get approval, she incorporated a softer, more feminine approach, one that included hearing and sharing her heart and honoring her intuition. She found leading in this way to be way more effective, and much more fun. Surprisingly, the more vulnerable she got, the more connected people felt, and the more inspiring and effective they became. 

Wendy founded LeadHERship Revolution in 2018 to spread the message that you no longer need to check your heart at the door to be a strong leader, and that healing, and transformation DO have a place in business and in life. She believes deeply that all women are worthy of leading a potent and powerful life, creating a living they love, and impacting the world in revolutionary ways.

Today, she lives her life full out as a certified transformational life coach, international speaker and best-selling author. She is also a practicing yogi, animal advocate, ally - and true rockstar, taking the stage as the lead singer of a top 40 horn band.

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

  • Why we glamourize Hustle Culture. Hustle, Grind, Work Ethic, Sacrifice, Paying Your Dues - are all an expected price to pay in order to be "successful". It's like a badge of honor to brag about how many hours we work or how much sleep we don't get. No one blinks an eye, and society applauds and rewards that behavior. But honey-child, it's not cutting it anymore. As a matter of fact, it is neither sexy nor sustainable. Here's the good news. It's not necessary to entirely ditch your effort and passion. Wanting to make your mark on the world - that's a good thing. But when we do it to depletion, not so much. The key is how to create awareness and balance and I will cover both in the masterclass.
  • Why you need to play now or pay later. Do you know that sacrificing your well-being
    is robbing you of your time and your sanity! And have you stopped having fun or enjoying life? 24/7 hustle mode can wreak havoc on your both physical and mental well-being. What if you could learn a way to get your mojo back and stop being a fuddy duddy?

  • The real cost of hustle culture on your work and your personal relationships. Do you feel tired all the time? Run out of energy during the day and have chronic exhaustion? Have you lost interest in doing the things that light you up? How about the time you spend with the people you love? How's that working out? The importance of maintaining healthy and vital relationships goes without saying, but it's often the first red flag of being in the unhealthy hustle. And don't fool yourself, you may think by working harder and putting in more hours helps you with your work life, it doesn't. The energy that you share with you colleagues and the work that you produce under stress is not your best work. I'm going to show you how being at our best actually adds more value to all your relationships.
  • The business of busy-ness. Have you noticed lately that when you ask someone how they are doing, their automatic response is "I'm sooo busy!" But here's the thing, whether you believe it or not, you are the keeper of your time. And time is the most important commodity we have. I'm going to share with you a tip to regain that power, because none of know how much time we have, and we should cherish it while we can.
  • Why we, as women, rarely ask for help -- and how we can start. One of THE most common culprits of glorifying hustle & grind is taking on everything all by ourselves. We simply do not ask for help. Or if when we do, it's usually because we are at our breaking point and even then we are going to say sorry all over our request, and feel guilty for asking. Work and life on your own can be lonely and hard and our reaction is to curl up in a ball and isolate. It's definitely time to pump the brakes on that story. Let's discover the art of asking and receiving.
  • How to channel your need to strive and prove into a healthier behavior pattern. Possessing the desire to hustle in order to make a difference is a gift and a good thing. YOU can impact the world in so many positive ways by leading with a passion and purpose. We want to keep doing that - but in a way that honors your peace, well-being and happiness! I'll show you the LeadHERship Revolution way, that takes OwnHERship and Response.ABILITY to live a life and create a living on YOUR terms!